Results of the 2013 Prism Contest

Below are the results from the 2013 contest.  First and second place winners will receive a check by mail.  Work is underway on the 2013 print journal, and information will be posted here when it is nearing completion.  Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to everyone who entered!

If you are a currently-enrolled student, you can submit to our 2014 contest now.


Tabitha London, First Place, “Ferris Clock Tower”

Rebecca Wildschut, Honorable Mention, “Beverly 1946”

Tabitha London, Honorable Mention, “Study Room View”

Shelbye Herbin, Honorable Mention, “Stop”

Freshman/Sophomore Essay (The Mary Kilgallen Award)

Haille Bernson, First Place, “Perception”

Sarah Hidey, Second Place, “Did We Move to Another Country?”

Aaron Biever, First Place, “A Movement-Based Lifestyle”

Haille Bernson, Second Place, “Examining the Health Benefits of Pet Therapy for Children with Autism”

Junior/Senior Essay

Tirzah Price, First Place, “The Nature of the Monster: Sympathy for Grendel and His Mother in Beowulf”

Jonathan Kelly, Second Place, “Gender Confusion: Homosexual Tensions in Twelfth Night”

Junior/Senior Research Paper

Tirzah Price, First Place, “‘I Know Not How Such Things Can Be’: Deconstruction and Identity in ‘Renascence’ by Edna St. Vincent Millay”

Jonathan Kelly, Second Place, “The Life of Geoffrey Chaucer: What Influenced His Literature”


Jonathan Kelly, First Place, “In Dreams I Write You”

Shay Thompson, Second Place, “Saying Hello”

Joseph Cottle, Honorable Mention, “Michiganders”

Tabitha London, Honorable Mention, “Dirty Sunset”

Jonathan Kelly, Honorable Mention, “She Had Never Cut Her Hair Before”

Tirzah Price, Honorable Mention, “Yes”

Short Fiction

Craig LaRose, First Place, “Magnum Opus”

Tirzah Price, Second Place, “Everybody Hates Annie”

Jonathan Kelly, Honorable Mention, “The First Time I Saw Maria”

Technical, Professional, or Script Writing

Lori Bruno, First Place, “Fluid Routing Solutions Increasing Associate Awareness of Health Care Benefits through Training”

Dawn Corwin, Second Place, “Recommendation for Retention and Success of Student-Athletes”