2016 PRISM Contest Results

Hi all! Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to those who entered. The winners will receive an email invitation to the Awards Reception on April 29th.

Prism Writing & Art Contest 2016 Results


First Place: Mingan – Hannah London

Second Place: We are all bound – Nilofar Khanbhai

Freshman/Sophomore Essay (The Mary Kilgallen Award)

First Place: Sweet Nothingness – Faith Austin

Second Place: On the Inside Wanting Out: Setting and Narrator in Charles

D’Ambrosio’s “The Point” – Ebony Morrisette

Freshman/Sophomore Research Paper

First Place: Theories on the Listener in Poe’s

“The Cask of Amontillado” – Ebony Morrisette

Second Place: Biologics vs. Biosimilars, Exclusivity,

and the TPP Debate – Amanda Gilliam

Honorable Mention: An Inquiry into the Northern Cities Shift – Marley Tucker

Junior/Senior Essay

First Place: Concealed in Negligee: Figurative Language

in “The Young Housewife” – Caryn Mehler

Junior/Senior Research Paper

First Place: Muzzling Evelina: Fanny Burney, Sexism

and 18th Century British Society – Caryn Mehler

Second Place: Plus ça Change: Change in Washington Irving’s

“Rip Van Winkle” – Brett Bohan


First Place: Sleepless Counting Dead – Caryn Mehler

Second Place: 2/10/14 – Haille Bernson

Honorable Mentions: If Emily Had Given Birth – Caryn Mehler

Polyphemus – Stephanie Bowers

Short Fiction

First Place: The Betrayal of Mrs. Rose Hughes – Tori VanOeffelen

Second Place: A Cross Above the Door in Panetauxnie – Isaac Wilson

Honorable Mentions: Nostalgia – Brett Bohan

Smugglers’ Nightmare – Amanda Gilliam